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Scanbec is a young biotech company focussing on the development and production of innovative rapid test systems for the detection of microorganisms in the life science sector.
The application fields of the molecular detection technology FastScan developed by Scanbec are the microbial process control in the food production, e.g. the detection of beer spoiling bacteria and the quality control of brewers yeast, the detection of spoilage bacteria, yeasts and moulds in non-alcoholic bewerages, the microbial quality control of drinking water, the detection of pathogenic Legionella bacteria in warm water systems and air conditioning systems and the monitoring of microbial processes.
Since November 2004 the product range for microbial food diagnostics is distributed under the name FastScan. Since June 2008 Sigma-Aldrich Company distributes our FastScan Products, available under the new product name HybriScan.
The development and production of FastScan products is carried out under the requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001.
In year 2004 Scanbec was awarded the Hugo-Junkers Innovation prize in the category "Life Science" for the development of the FastScan products for microbial food safety control.
In the future the FastScan product range will be continously extended to new application areas in the field of food diagnostics (detection of pathogenic and food spoiling microbes, detection of toxines, antibiotics and hormones in food), water and waste water analysis and in the field of medical diagnostics.
The company Scanbec GmbH was founded in year 2003 in Halle/S. and has it's headquarter on the Weinbergcampus in Halle/S. The Finnish subsidiary Scanbec Oy has it's laboratories on the campus of the University of Oulu.
The staff members of Scanbec are highly qualified scientists working in the fields of microbiology and biochemistry and possess over longlasting experiences in molecular diagnostics of bacteria, yeast and moulds and in the rapid analysis of low molecular weight substances, e.g. toxines, hormons, antibiotics and pesticides.


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